All the programs listed below are examples of work we've done in the past, but it is important to note- we don't have products, we don't copy paste and we don't have two projects that look the same. Every workshop, every seminar and every organizational change process is tailored to fit the unique needs, resources and eco-system of the people we work with. Contact us to tell us more about your challenges and opportunities and learn more about what we offer. 
**all programs can be held off or on line**
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Introduction to Participatory Management
4-5 hours workshop
This workshop is designed for people and teams who aspire to manage and work differently. It enables basic experiential learning of participatory practices and 21st century skills, while exploring team/organizational issues brought up by the participants and practicing efficient decision making. It enhances commitment and collaborations, and strengthens the organizational vision. 
The Art of Creative
4-5 hours workshop
This workshop is designed for teams who want to courageously dive into their work relations and better them. It will enable the establishment of positive connection and non-violent communication, and foster inclusivity and appreciation of diversity. We will use mindfulness and theater to explore challenges that are present in the team, communicate in honest and authentic ways, and practice deep listening and empathy. 
The Art of Co-Creation
1 day seminar (9 hours)
This workshop is designed for teams and organizations in creation or transition phases. It enables teams to thoroughly examine the organization internal and external vision, values, and current activity. The people attending will develop clarity regarding the next steps in the evolution of the organization and the role of every one of them in the implementation of this change, and co-create work plan for the future. 
The Art of Change Making-
Leadership, Entrepreneurship and Inspiration
2 days seminar | 20 hours
This flagship seminar is designed for people who wish to lead change in the current chaotic world, and for communities who want to take a step forward into sustainable social entrepreneurship. We will focus on inspiration and leadership, explore our action motivations and learn innovative methods for project design and implementation. We will dream the co-creation of effective and harmonic change.  
Community Building Seminars
2 days seminar | 20 hours
These seminars are designed for communities, and for organizations who wish to feel and operate as communities. We will use innovative participatory techniques to connect and overcome labels of gender, religion and nationality. We will engage in serious play in order to unleash creativity, uncover talents and passions and ignite collaborations. We will explore our life journeys, foster a sense belonging and co-create magic. 
Educators' Trainings
2 days seminar | 20 hours or annual/half annual programs
We have immense passion for working with education systems, and designing processes that adapt learning environments to the needs of the New World, empower students and transform them into tomorrow's conscious leaders. Our trainings encourage creativity, respect, participation, non-violent communication, shared responsibility for action and co-creation. 
Identity Quests
2 days seminar | 20 hours or annual/half annual programs
These unique programs are designed for volunteers, educators, and long term programs' participants who want to explore their personal journeys. In a safe setting, we will share our life stories through different methodologies. We will work with NLP and mindfulness in order to transform limiting beliefs and minimize the gap between where we are today and the humans-leaders we dream to be.
Organizational Development and Consultation
We provide consultation for teams and organizations in the fields of management, successful change processes and mergers, capacity development and more. We support the organizational processes through content development, mentoring, trainings and production and facilitation of seminars and events.  
Participatory Facilitation and Virtual Facilitation Courses and Trainings 
We design and facilitate courses and trainings on participatory facilitation, on-line facilitation and designing and leading effective and creative processes. We teach and practice the most innovative approaches in group facilitation and organizational development, including Mindfulness, NVC, Dragon Dreaming, U Theory, Sociocracy, Design thinking, Scenario planning, Visual Facilitation, Serious Play, Art of Hosting, Open Space Technology and many more.
Virtual facilitation trainings- we train your teams and teach:

How to create magic between people on-line? how to invite, frame, open and close on-line sessions in order to enhance intimacy, human connection, trust and meaningful conversations on-line? 

How to be effective on-line? decision making, project design, working with large groups, pro-action cafe, open space, working with shared documents and platforms and more.

What apps and features can support teams work on-line to be engaging, dynamic and creative? mentimeter, padlet, google jamboard, artsteps, pixon, mindmup, tricider and more.

we can do a combination of all and add anything else that your team needs :)

Big Events Facilitation

We design and facilitate open space events, social hackathons, world cafe and pro-action cafe spaces in organizations and communities, face to face and in the virtual world. These methodologies enable the creation of innovative settings that invite the discovery of talent, passion and knowledge in individuals, teams and communities.

They enhance breakthroughs and collaborations.

It is a celebration of chaos and order after which the community changes and transforms.


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