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All the programs listed below are examples of work we've done in the past, but it is important to note: We don't have products, we don't copy-paste, and we don't have two projects that look the same. Every workshop, every seminar, and every organizational change process is tailored to fit the unique needs, resources, and eco-system of the people we work with. Contact us to tell us more about your challenges and opportunities and learn more about what we offer.
**All programs can be held off or online**
Participatory  Management & Effective Teamwork
This workshop is designed for people and teams who aspire to manage, lead, and work differently. It enables experiential learning of innovative participatory leadership skills while exploring team/organizational issues brought up by the participants. It allows the practice of meaningful and efficient teamwork, on and offline, and enhances human connection, commitment, and collaboration, while strengthening the organizational vision.
The Art of Creative
This workshop reinforces the establishment of positive connection, empathy, and communication. Participants will explore and acquire practical tools that will allow them to foster engagement, joy, inclusivity, and appreciation of diversity. In the workshop, we will understand how to work optimally with objections and conflicts while connecting to creativity to lead effective change processes together.
The Art of Co-Creation
& Collaboration
This workshop is designed for teams, organizations, and communities who wish to lead change together. We will work with innovative methodologies for project design and implementation, decision making, creating lasting partnerships, and stakeholder engagement. We will enjoy our work together, participate in a process in which everyone can express themselves, and reach great, effective results. The participants will develop clarity regarding their next steps, roles, and responsibilities.
Navigating through Chaos and Uncertainty
In our fast-changing and chaotic world, teams and organizations need extraordinary tools and perspectives to help them address complex challenges. This workshop will explore the organization's burning questions, map the probable scenarios, and identify significant actions to enhance agility and fit multiple potential futures.
Organizational Development and Consultation
We provide consultation for teams and organizations in management, successful change and mergers processes, strategic planning, capacity development, and more. We support the organization through content development, mentoring, training, processes design, as well as production and facilitation of seminars, events, and conferences, on and offline. These processes enable the co-creation of a new organizational culture and happy work environments.
Participatory Facilitation and Virtual Facilitation Courses and Training
We design and facilitate courses and training on participatory facilitation, teaching, and practicing the most innovative and effective human connection tools and collaboration tools.
In our Virtual facilitation training, we teach:

How to create magic between people online? How to invite, frame, open and close online sessions to enhance intimacy, human connection, trust, participation, and meaningful conversations online?

How to be effective online? Decision making, project design and management, working with large groups, remote teamwork, and more.

Which apps and features can support teams' remote and make it engaging, dynamic, fun, creative, and effective?

Big Events Facilitation and Gorgeous Online Conferences :)

We design and facilitate professional, joyful, effective, and memorable conferences, open space events, social hackathons, world cafe and pro-action cafe spaces in organizations and communities, face to face, and in the virtual world. These innovative settings invite the discovery of talent, passion, and knowledge, enhance breakthroughs and collaborations.

It is a celebration of chaos and order that transforms the participants and the organization.

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