We in BEINCO BElieve that INspiring professional encounters can reveal collective INtelligence, foster a sense of community and lead to effective CO-creation of change.

When individuals and communities step into a space that enhances authentic communication complemented by innovative tools for collaboration, they reach meaningful results, and get closer to the desired organizational impact. 

We know we have been successful when, over time, communities and organizations' inner communication and collaborations are transformed and improved. Consequently, individuals are empowered to unleash creativity and innovation to co-benefit the organization and society as a whole.

Jacklina Eshaya
Co-Founder, Co-Facilitator
Jacklina is a changemaker, igniter and a facilitator. She loves people, organizations and the interactions between them. She has directed and initiated sustainable social projects, studied and experimented with group processes in different approaches, designed and implemented processes of organizational learning and development. 
When facilitating, she works with the principles of non-violent communication and mindfulness, music, theater, peace building techniques, dragon dreaming, open space, biographies, sociocracy and more.
Jacklina is a member of the Ashoka ChangemakerXchange global facilitation team and community, and she initiated, managed and co-facilitated the first changemakerXchange summits for Israeli and Palestinian social entrepreneurs. She was selected for the United Nations program e4sc, entrepreneurs for social change, and is a facilitator of the RISE for change UN program for social entrepreneurs. She is passionate about co-creating change in the fields of gender, dialogue, education and tech.
Jacklina holds a Master's in Social Work, and wrote her thesis on transformations women go through while giving birth.
Leo (Lony) Natanzon
Co-Founder, Co-Facilitator

Leo is a researcher, human lover, entrepreneur and teacher in the dialogical approach, facilitator, leader and smiler :). He devoted the last decade to learning about and working with groups of different types and styles. His experience includes managing and supporting civil society organizations, designing and implementing long term processes with communities of various kinds, as well as leading and facilitating educational processes.
Leo is passionate about social & environmental justice, Jewish-Palestinian relationships and the creation of alternative culture in Israel. He has a deep interest in group and personal processes and an experience in tools such as NVC, Dragon Dreaming and Open Space.

Leo was a community organizer of the student union at his college for 2 years and had a radio show about social change & activism for 5 years. In the Israeli historic social protest of 2011 Leo took a significant part by coordinating all the Northern-Israel protest-camps. He was also a teacher in a democratic school. 

Leo holds a BA in alternative education and a Master’s in NGO management. He wrote his thesis on the evolution of the Israeli Social Movement in the past 5 years. 



Our sociocracy workshop with Jacklina and Leo was fun, informative and valuable in shifting our group's work habits. Their co-facilitation is skilled, with each bringing different elements that compliment and balance each other, and model shared-leadership. The seminar was sensitive to our organization's needs and particular quirks, but also challenged us to meet points of difficulty which we sometimes shy away from. Over all the seminar was relaxed while being very professional and organized, a refreshing feat in the world of social change.


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